BCI Cotton

All of our Union Suits and socks are made with 100% BCI certified cotton.

The Better Cotton Initiative works to help cotton communities across the globe survive and thrive while protecting and restoring the environment.

For further information on what it means to buy BCI, visit

Minimal Packaging

We actively look to reduce packaging used in the transportation of our goods from factory to us then to you as much as we can.

All of out post mailers are made from recycled card and each garment comes hand wrapped in recycled protective tissue paper ensuring your orders arrive in premium condition without wasting resources.

We don't use any swingers or garment tags that will only be thrown away in order to keep our materials usage to a minimum.

CO2 Emissions

We source as close to base as we possibly can to minimise the global footprint of our goods !

All our Union Suits and socks come from Turkey and our new leisure collection is made right here in the UK !

Repair & Resell

In all garment production, there will be factory seconds - garments with the odd broken popper or missing row of stitch.

Most brands refuse to take these and subsequently they are often incinerated or sent to landfill.

We believe this is a terrible waste of precious resources so we buy all ’not-quite’ perfect stock from our suppliers and have them reworked and repaired here in the UK to be sold though our seconds outlet.